Text in Russian, 1959 y., 56 pages;
Format: 70x108/32.
By A. Lunacharskij.
Collected together articles, reviews and individual statements about the Vakhtangov theatre, and his name has not lost its practical significance today. They will help deeper understand the essence of creativity Vakhtangov, greater use of the best traditions of Soviet theatrical art. Published materials are not intended, of course, only a "narrow purpose" - to acquaint the reader with respect to Lunacharsky to the Vakhtangov theatre and his name. Now that the theatre community in free creative competition fighting for the variety of forms and techniques in a single ideological art of socialist realism, when there is a lively exchange of opinions on ways of further rise of the Soviet theatrical culture— the article Lunacharsky about the Theatre, developing the principles of Marxist-Leninist aesthetics, are a valuable theoretical tool for our artistic intelligentsia.

About the Theatre and the Vakhtangov theatre

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