Text in Russian, 2012 y., 480 pages;
Format: 260x205 mm.
By T. N. Shipova.
Reading this book, experts and fans of photography will get a complete picture of the photographic facilities of Moscow at that time, people who were engaged in the "photographic craft" and photographic societies of contemporaries and followers of Daguerre and Talbot. Photography is a great invention of mankind. It quickly broke into the life of people, replacing the more expensive lithography, and sometimes artfully replacing the precious miniature. Old photos are mute witnesses of the past. Dressed in elegant Passepartout or all sorts of frames, office portraits and small business cards with numerous medals and gold ligature on the back can tell not only about who is depicted, but also about the photographer who took the picture. Their biographies, addresses of the photo shop, and sometimes even photographic forms help to date photos more accurately, which in turn helps to clarify some important points in the lives of famous people.

Moscow photographers. 1839-1930. History of Moscow photography. Hardcover Album.

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